Although the bride and groom and their young daughter love living in Amsterdam, they decided to go back to the bride’s roots for their wedding day. A 200+ wedding is rarely a one photographer affair, this time I had the pleasure to join my friend Marilyn Bartman in the beautiful Scheepvaartkwartier in Rotterdam.

After parking my car behind the World Museum venue, I took a water taxi to the Hotel where the groom was staying. It was the first time that I found a groom getting ready on his own, which turned out surprisingly calm and fun. On our way to the bride who was getting ready at her parents house we picked up the bouquet. And when we got to the bride, her mother and Marilyn, they were just about to put on the beautiful Anaïs Anette wedding dress.

Since their one-year-old daughter was in a very introverted phase, the bride and groom had arranged a babysitter for her to stay at home with. As much as I love kids being included on wedding days, this was definitely a decision made out of love. Which is why we made sure to get a couple of family photos before heading to the museum.

Another perfect decision was that the couple had arranged for their guests to take a tram tour through the city center after enjoying cake and bubbles. This way the newlyweds had a quiet moment together for some relaxed alone time and a short couple photo shoot. When the guests got back the dinner and party were an incredible celebration of love.