It was quite the adventure to get to Hannelore & Carl’s wedding venue. I had left the south of Italy a few days earlier after shooting an Argentine/Italian off-the-grid wedding on an island to travel up to Florence by train. Having two weddings back to back in Italy I didn’t want to waste time and fuel traveling home, which was perfect as my sister-in-law joined me for a couple of days to explore the capital city of Tuscany with me. When the time came to say goodbye and drive down to Hannelore & Carl, I picked up my red Fiat Panda rental in Pisa and found my way through Italian traffic and the Tuscan hills.

It was the Thursday before their wedding and we had decided to meet in Castiglione d’Orcia for a little love shoot and dinner with their closest family and friends. I love being able to spend some quiet time with my brides and grooms and their closest people before a wedding, it gives me a little more understanding of who they are and how they naturally interact as a couple. After dinner the bride’s mother jumped into the little Fiat with me to help me navigate through the beautifully dark countryside to the farmhouse La rimbecca where both the family and I would be spending this long weekend.

The next morning I drove over to Borgo di Castelvecchio which was only a hill away but quite a drive over the small dirt roads. Chiara Sernesi of Weddings in Tuscany was already very busy getting things ready for the other guests to arrive by bus from Rome. They arrived just in time for the welcome dinner, which is not included in this gallery, but I’m planning on writing a blog post about that beautiful evening very soon.

What you do find in the gallery: On the morning of their wedding day I found Hannelore & Carl with a small group of friends who were staying at the same Villa as the bride and groom. As much as they valued photography, it was clear to me that they preferred spending beautiful moments with their people over driving around to find the best spots for couple photos. In your search of a wedding photographer you might have read the expression “moments over mountains”, this is exactly what that’s about. Don’t get me wrong, I love both, but I prefer to shoot whatever actually feels right to you.

It had been an unusually rainy beginning of spring in Italy and the forecast had shown that it would rain on this Saturday for weeks. Although it wasn’t as sunny as you would expect Tuscany in May to be, it turned out to be a nice overcast day with hints of sun and no rain until after dinner – which is why the party was moved to inside the Borgo. From the pampas grass ceremony between the olive trees to the blankets at the incredibly styled dinner tables, everything about this wedding was as beautiful and relaxed as could be.


Amazing photographer!

Eline has captured our wedding weekend perfectly, both we and all our guests are fans.

The balance between being present everywhere, capturing every moment but without giving us or our guests the feeling that they constantly had to pose was perfect.