No matter how many times you've worked with a photographer before, I believe that it's all about finding that perfect match. Now I know I'm not for everybody, so let's check if I'm a good fit for you. Especially on your wedding day, surrounding yourselves with the right people really is the best choice you can ever make.

Live & Relive

I'm not an invisible photographer hidden in the bushes, nor am I going to be on top of you the whole ceremony through. Living your day comes before reliving it, so I will give you and your people all the space and time to live it - I'll totally live it with you!

This means that I'll never pose you in any way that goes against your nature, but I will hug you at some point after your I do's to congratulate you. Just like I won't block the view of your parents when you say your vows, though I might raise a glass with them at your party.

You can only relive the moments that you've actually lived

and I want to deliver photos that make you relive your day again and again

Every wedding is different

Especially the ones that I get to capture. Still having witnessed so many weddings from up close - including two of my own (with the same groom) - I love to share all that I've learned with you. That's why I've created a digital magazine with lots of info for my brides and grooms and we can message/email/video-call whenever you want to go over your timeline and other ideas.


Just like every wedding is different, every couple is different too. Although I do guide you when we shoot together, I focus on what's real. This means that if you love to smile, go ahead, you like to kiss, kiss away, you are dancers, I’d love to see your moves, you are the teasing types, I won’t stop you. I don’t have a fixed way of shooting. There tends to be some movement, but that can be as small as a finger caressing your cheek or as big as spinning around. We create together. This way, I can capture you for who you really are and what your love really looks like.

It's not just about a pretty picture, it's about who the two of you really are together

Your characters and your day's essence

Those are the things I focus on and that lead me through your day. When I hear couples say things like "we were pressured away by our photographer for some shots that we would regret not having", while they really just wanted to stay in the moment with their people listening to live music enjoying a glass of wine, I feel their pain. I would have stayed with them in that moment, instead of taking them somewhere else. I don't want you to look at your photos and remember how hungry you actually were, that your feet were hurting. Together we'll figure out what and when things are right for you. I want you to look back and say: that's our day and that's really us.

Less is more

15 is my number

Photography is my one and only job, and as much as I love it, like any other small business, it's basically non-stop. As I want to be able to give my couples all my energy, time and attention, I limit myself to shooting only 15 weddings a year - and max 3 a month. The other weekends I try to spend my time road tripping with my husband, cooking and sailing with friends, wine tasting with neighbors and slow days with family. For me this is the perfect recipe to continu loving my job every wedding as much as the last.

For today
and tomorrow

Although in the midst of planning a wedding, it might be hard to see, your photography (and possibly videography) is the only thing that will live long beyond your wedding day. And as much as I love the digital world and all that is possible thanks to it, I still believe that printing your photos adds something magical. This is why I design an album after every wedding, a small one is included and some of my most minimalistic traveling couples like to keep it that way. Others prefer to upgrade and create a beautiful heirloom together.

Still in doubt? Don’t hesitate to drop me a note & we’ll figure it out together