All about Your Album

01.      Where will my album come from in Australia?

As I normally work with a small bindery in Europe, however I feel that it’s too big a risk to send it all the way to Australia. That’s why after talking to a couple of labs in Australia, I’m happy to have start a collaboration with the one whose products and services areas high quality as I was looking for: Atkin labs. As confident as I am in them, I do see this year as a trial run, which means that I have kept the pricing as low as possible.

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02.     How do we design the album?

If you heart 20-30 photos in your gallery, it gives me a good idea of what you’re looking for. After this I make a first design, which you can respond to online. If the second design isn’t fully on point, we schedule a Skype call in which we can finalize your album design.

The aim is to tell the story of your wedding, not only so that you can relive the day(s) going through the album, but also in the way that if you show the album to someone who wasn’t present on your day, they are still able understand all that happened.

 40-80 pages tends to be a perfect amount for a full wedding day or weekend.


03.       How about the payment and delivery?

With the numbers on this page you can create an estimate of the cost of your album. However, we might end up with more or less pages, so you’ll receive an invoice after approving the final design. Once paid, I will forward the order to the lab, and then it takes them about one month to create your book and get it to you. Your album will be send to you straight from the lab by Australian Express Post.



The perfect option for couples that want a home album and a travel album, or a gift for their parents. Depending on your album size you can choose a 6×8 or an 8×8 duplicate.