I believe in beauty

That perfectly imperfect kind of beauty that makes you feel

I believe in beauty

That perfectly imperfect kind of beauty that makes you feel 

I believe that beauty gives us life, that beauty heals, that it embraces us, that it inspires us in the purest sense of its Latin origin inspirare: it breathes into us. And it’s everywhere, everyday, it’s in us, in nature, in the things we create, in the way we move, it’s in our stories.

Hi! I'm Eline

That's "Ai-lee-nah"
but I've gotten used to Elina and Elena as well

Artist’s & ecological baker’s daughter
Married to Allard, a health-care visionary & BBQ enthusiast
Lover of people & their stories, not cameras
As a child I dreamed of being an architect or joining the water police

Also, buckwheat pancakes, sailing, wine, dancing, mountains, family, campfires, lavender fields in France

Art runs through my veins
& Traveling might well be in my blood

Not only an artist's daugther, an artisan's granddaugther and an artist's great-granddaughter, also Abel Tasman's grandfather's brother's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter

Although I’m now really a homebody who loves documenting love stories close to home, I am thankful that I mainly have international clients who help me pursue my passion for exploring beautiful places.