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Stop time

Love endlessly

Your wedding is more than just another day you spend together. It's an event you'll want to keep close throughout your marriage, to show to your children and look back on when times are hard.

I want you to remember your love, the way you look at one another and your commitment to each other - not the awkward poses that your photographer forced you into.

Let's do this together

That's why I only focus on what's true to you.

This is not my party

It's yours. And I'm here excited to document your love, your people and all you've chosen to include on your day.

I won't ask you to do anything that's not truly you. I will be there with you every step of the way - even in the planning process.

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Hi, I'm Eline

Photographer, wife, mother, artist's daughter and former long-term expat are a handful of labels that describe me.

Documenting your connection in a way that still speaks to you twenty years from now, is what I'd love to do for you.

If I could choose a superpower, it would be the ability to freeze time.

I would pick a beautiful, warm afternoon , take my family and closest friends for a picnic among the wildflowers, and live in that moment forever.

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“You brought tears to my eyes. You really caught the essence of our day. Thank you so, so much. You were more than what we could have ever expected from our wedding photographer, especially as we were such a small group. And the photos, so beautiful, just so perfect!”

- V&P

Wedding Evening in Italy

Based in the Netherlands and traveling worldwide, Eline Tasma is a wedding photographer documenting love stories and elopements for the laid-back, travel-inclined couple.

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